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Here you will find basic information about the history of the house, its inhabitants and the current activities of the foundation that is currently taking care of the cultural monument.

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We have published the first dates of guided tours

Zikmund’s villa is opening to the world after almost 90 years of private use thanks to the support of EEA Funds. The sale of tickets for the next dates has officially started.

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The Zikmund Villa

It was originally a Baťa house and the residence of Josef Januštík, the first governor of the Zlín district. Then, temporarily the property of Oscar-winning director Elmar Kloss, before subsequently becoming the home of traveller Miroslav Zikmund. And today? It has become a cultural monument interwoven with stories that you won’t find anywhere else. Address: Zlín

It all started in 1933

when the Baťa, a. s. construction department were given the task of designing company accommodation for the first governor of the Zlín district. Council Governor JUDr. Josef Januštík actually moved into the finished villa with his wife, Marie, two years later. The Januštíks spent a total of 18 years in the rental in Nivy.


The first private owner

bought the house was from the Baťa company in 1942. It was bought by future Oscar-winning film screenwriter and director Elmar Kloss. However, the current residents remained in the villa. Kloss was Marie’s son from her first marriage. The turning point came in 1953, when the Januštíks had to leave Zlín under pressure from the Communist Party, and Kloss, who was living in Prague at the time, decided to sell the property.


The birth of the Zikmund Villa

didn’t take long to come. Legendary traveller Miroslav Zikmund came to see the house and was immediately certain. He bought the villa and, with the help of Zdenek Plesník and Miroslav Navrátil, adapted it into its present form. Zikmund’s love for Nivy never faded, and after 67 years, he decided to pass on the baton to Čestmír Vančura, a businessperson and patron from Zlín, who in the same year, founded an endowment fund, which now takes care of the cultural monument.


With the care of the endowment fund

the villa is gradually opening up to the world. In accordance with Miroslav Zikmund’s wishes, we have maintained the intimate atmosphere of the villa and have returned to its space themes that are inextricably linked with the name Zikmund – travel, architecture, current events, and creative works of all kinds. We make sure that the cultural monument remains in good condition and that as many people as possible get to know its story.


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Zikmundova vila

Currently in the villa

What does the house in Niva live on? What happened inside and what is coming? Take a look under the hood and read about the present day of the famous traveler's villa.

Zikmund's Villa Endowment Fund

„I would like to preserve this house and garden not only as a credible monument to the life and work of H&Z, Zdenek Plesník and Miroslav Navrátil, but also as a cultural place on the map of Zlín and the Czech Republic and a spiritual abode of creative work.“

Miloslav Zikmund, 2016

The Zikmund Villa Foundation was established on December 2, 2020. In accordance with the wishes of Miroslav Zikmund, it was founded by the current owner of the house, Čestmír Vančura.

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Miloslav Zikmund

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